Will Dash Cams Ever Rule the World?

A Parking Lot Scenario

You are in a parking lot and you park your car as usual. When you come back to leave the parking lot, you notice someone has backed into the front of your car. The lady gets out and says it is your fault because of your parking skills.

Not to fret your dash cam was taping your vehicle and the perimeter around it. You can give it to the insurance company for proof of what happened. When you review your video you can hear the lady screaming obscenities in the back ground.

You have probably seen dash cams on the rise. Will dash cams ever rule the world?

In The Eye of the Laws.

It’s important to check with the laws in your state. Some states do not allow you to put anything on your windshield and a lot of states do not allow you to use audio in a court room as evidence. You might even get charges for “eavesdropping.” In a lot of states you can be charged with a felony, such as Michigan if you are not part of the conversation, according to Stephen Lehto (Michigan attorney).

If you drop your car off with a mechanic and he goes on a joy ride and your camera tapes video and audio you may not want to use it. However, if you have a mute for  your audio, push it when leaving the car. Otherwise you may get in trouble when trying to prove their criminal actions.

As a journalist, in the state of Colorado, you must let one party of the conversation be informed, see the law here.





Is it Legal to Video Record the Police?

It definitely depends on the state you live in. Stephen Lehto, a Michigan Attorney, states that the Supreme Court has not ruled on that subject. However a person can go to a state trial  court level and then appeal to a circuit court of appeals and get a ruling in your circuit (where you live and surrounding states). “If you don’t like the law, change it)” according to Lehto.

Lehto states that about 25 states have ruled on having the right to film the police, and 25 have not ruled. Check your state laws.


Russia v.s. US on Dash Cams.

In 2014 one million Russian drivers installed dash cameras.In their court system they see a lot of accident cases where cams can help prove innocence or guilt. There are many hit and runs there. Dash cams help to hunt down the guilty party.

The US is just starting to have use of the dash cam. Mostly police and highway patrol use them as evidence, or proof of evidence.

Maybe dash cams will rule the world some day?




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  1. Oh there are some days that I am out driving on the Hwy and wish I had a dash cam, as it is scary some days how people drive. I think having a dash cam would definitely be a benefit to prove the reason for any accidents or near accidents. 

    I have been thinking of getting a dash cam for my vehicle.  Is there a good – better – best on what to look when shopping for one.  What price point would an average decent camera be, and what features should I look for?

    1. Hi Monica,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that today it can be scary driving a lot, especially women on the road alone. Having a dash cam can give some security for anyone driving on the road.   At least you know, in case of an accident, you have justified proof, of the scenario.

      I am working on my product guide page with the affiliate links. Dash cams can start pretty cheap, around $60.00 up to $499.00.

      There are single cameras, dual cameras (front and back or front and inside).

      Night vision, angle for instance 140 degree angle. Loop recording, internal GPS, over heating protection, and the list goes on.

      Please feel free to check back on my site for dash cam information on what you may deem your personal preferences.

      Thanks Cyn

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