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Not only do police use video but so do private citizens.  A friend of mine was going to the store in his newly upgraded 1984 Subaru Brat. It is equipped with all amenities except the air bags. In 1984 they did not put air bags in a lot of cars, especially the Subaru Brat. He installed a dash camera or car video on his dash. He was in an accident where a car hit another car that hit him pretty much head on, as you can see in this video. This camera footage was given to the insurance company, which gave a specific view of the accident.  It was raining and the speed limit is only 30 miles per hour.

All three people involved in the three vehicles were taken to the hospital.  My friend, in this video, was the third car to be hit.  It looks as though the first car that started the accident came over into on-coming traffic, hit number 2 car, that in-turn spun around hitting my friends car.

We always think it won’t happen to us, but in an instant things can change.  Glad he had a body/dash camera video going.

I myself went and bought one for my car.

In my next article check out some reviews on body cams.

Thanks for checking this out. (2018, October).  Head on collision in my 1984 Subaru Brat. .




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