Car Dash Camera vs Body Camera: Which is Better

Body cameras are fairly new but before that car dash cameras have been around for a bit. Police cars that have car dash cameras use the video from them in cases against the police and/or citizen complaints.

History of the Car Dash Camera

Police officers began using car dash cameras to video tape drunk drivers so there would not be any discretion as to whom was at fault, or if the person was really drunk. Accidents have also become popular as to being video taped by police car dash cams. Mothers against drunk drivers aided funding along with some insurance companies that pitched in.

Prior to using car dash cams it has been the officers word against the subject in question. One, problem with car video is that there is only one angle from the front of the police car.

Body Cameras on the Rise: Are they better than car dash cams.

With the use of body cameras on the rise some controversy has arisen. A Staten Island police officer, working the night shift on the North Western shore, 121st precinct last Saturday night, saw smoke coming from his body camera. It then exploded, but the officer was not hurt. The cause is under investigation, however the New York Police department has pulled 2,990 cameras from the New York Police department.  The Vievu LE 5 body worn cameras may have a lithium-ion  battery  that helps enhance up to twelve hours of video recording time. The investigation is on-going. Body cameras also have one angle from the front of the officer.  A different angle can show a different story.

It seems that this incident of the body camera blow up is not the first since they have been implemented into police departments. The car dash camera is still utilized by many police to help insure safety and accountability

What is your opinion on car dash cams vs body cameras? Do you think both car dash cams and body cams should be used, or one or the other?

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  1. Body cameras is probably meant for a particular set of people and also for special occasions.
    The police are among those suited for it and maybe when I want to record some events without anyone knowing that I am recording it.
    I think it also has it’s disadvantage like you mentioned. Lucky for that officer that it did not hurt him but someothers might not be that lucky.

    1. Hi AJlrl,
      Thanks for your incite. There are advantages and disadvantages of these products, of course. But making police accountable and the public interactions safer could be a good reason to have them.

  2. Hello Cyn,
    Interesting reading. I did not even know that there was a’body camera’ – I tell yah, what will they think of next. All in the name of technology, I lift my hat to the ingenuity of those brains which create.
    It is scary to think that the lithium battery might not work well under pressure – in a manner of speaking. I hope they find a ‘quick fix.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really good post. And interesting because I am currently in the market for a dashcam.
    The link under your first youtube is either broken or needs hiding. But you get your point across really well.

  4. Personally, I think both should be used.

    As you wrote, a different angle tells a different story.

    Unfortunately, a truncated cell phone video take by a witness will be on the news before the officer even gets back to the precinct, so both angles plus the views from any other officers involved have become a necessity.

  5. Great read, In my personal opinion, I believe our police force should be given everything available for their protection. If this means using cameras for evidence, then, yes use both. Helmet cams too, just another view to gain more evidence.

    1. Hello Stephen,
      I think that using these cameras can help not only the police from false claims, but, help the public from police brutality.
      I have to agree that both are a good way to get all angles possible.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Interesting view on the use of car cameras or body cams. I have considered it a good idea to use them, both for accountability of police officers, and for personal vouching of what actually happened.

    I never knew that these body cams were so volatile though! I will definitely have to take a look at reviews of the models that I take a look at. Thanks for the info!

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